Devkund Waterfall: Unexplored And Trek Route

Devkund Waterfall: Unexplored and Trek Route

Devkund waterfall

The devkund waterfall is a beautiful waterfall placed near Tamhini Ghat, part of Western Ghat mountain stages in Maharashtra. Devkund waterfall trek is a popular trek point near Andharban location of Maharashtra. Many adventure fans flock to this waterfall to enjoy its stunning beauty!

Location Address: Near Bhira village/dam, Raigad district, Maharashtra (India).

Devkund trek

Best Time To Visit: August to January is the excellent and secure period to do a Devkund trek. Do not attempt to go to this waterfall all through top monsoon months due to the excessive river float.

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Devkund Waterfall Information

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A breath-taking waterfall of Devkund is located near the Bhira dam within the Raigad district of Maharashtra. It is absolutely one of the most stunning waterfalls in India. This waterfall is counted the various very few Perennial waterfalls in Maharashtra and runs at some stage in the yr. Its herbal splendour is clearly enchanting!


The Devkund waterfall is hidden amidst a wooded area close to Kolad. The view of white water cascading down into a clear bluish inexperienced water pool is absolutely unrivaled! There is hardly ever any waterfall wherein you’ll see such crystal clean bluish inexperienced water (Especially after September). It’s tough to accept as true with that a few years lower back, it was absolutely unexplored & unknown to the rest of global!



Started our journey from Vadgaon Sheri, Pune at around 7 am by using the motorcycle. En direction we had a pit stop at Pirangut for breakfast. Just 1hr 30 min travel from Pirangut, we reached Bhira Dam which is also the supply of the Kundalika river which is well-known for its White Water Rafting.



As the waterfall is located deep in the woodland, there are numerous trek routes to attain as much as the waterfall. So please take an experienced member or a neighborhood manual to save you your self from getting lost on this densely wooded area. It takes approximately 2 hours to cool the space between Bhira village and the waterfall. There are bird species in this location. The Devkund waterfall trek direction leads alongside Bhira dam backwaters and dense woods. It is medium in grade and additionally needs to pass a water flow.

The Devkund waterfall trek path leads alongside Bhira dam backwaters and dense woods. It is medium in grade and also needs to move a water flow. Coincidentally, the Andharban trek ends on the place to begin of this trek!

Started the trek at around 10.30 AM. The path turned into small and full of greenery. We have to cross a river complete of rock patches. As the monsoon season become Started, the water turned into flowing in a slender lane. A main part of the trek route includes strolling thru the densely wooded area beside the river. Spotted a vintage abandoned residence at the direction. It is a sight to behold for the healthful greenery around.


Rolling hills and water body lend a surreal experience to the breathtaking surroundings and we had a pit forestall here. The trek path is also scenic and is well worth visiting for all nature enthusiasts. Spotted worms, wild plants, and delightful shape of bushes. Then we reached a big area. The trail is a treat for the eyes as you soak in the perspectives of lush inexperienced vistas and the majestic peaks of Tahmani Ghat. It’s a fascinating and worthwhile trek because it takes you alongside the river. We had a pit forestall close to a rivulet for the photo session. And the trek endured after crossing the flow. The rest of the trek become via the dense woodland. Soon we reached close to the waterfall.  Refreshed me with water. We have been nearly close to the waterfall. Then a 5-minute trek thru the rock patches to reach the waterfalls.



At around 1 PM, we reached in front of the waterfall. The first sight of the fall became very exciting. The waterfall of  Devkund is remarkable and is positioned in the woodland. The greenery coupled with the waterfall makes it a picnic spot.  It turned into enthralling to see water plunging from atop the mountain.

It turned into an absolute deal with gambling inside the cool natural pond with crystal clear water.  Diving in the pond and getting below the huge waterfall furnished tons of relief from the tiredness. We spent around one hour for a tub and pictures.  A bath beneath the waterfall turned into a rejuvenating revel in.


You want to move a considerably big water stream with a purpose to attain as much as the bottom of the waterfall. Do no longer enter into the river if you find that the glide of the flow is high. In the time of high rainfall, the water stage of the river rises all at once due to which many human beings have trapped in the jungle. It is extraordinarily really useful to visit this waterfall after September.


Time Required: 2 Hours from Bhira village.

Difficulty Level: Most of the devkund trek direction is straightforward in grade. You best need to take a precaution close to river movement.

How To Reach Devkund Waterfall

By Road: The distance between Bhira village to Pune, Mumbai, and Nashik is respectively one hundred km, 124 km, and a hundred and fifty km. You can take your motors until Bhira village. The TATA power plant close to Bhira dam is the predominant landmark to attain the village.

Nearest Railway Station: Kolad station on Konkan railway is perhaps the handy railway station to reach this spot. The distance among Kolad station & Bhira is 46 km. You can lease non-public motors from the station until Bhira village.

Entry Fee/Ticket Charges: Not applicable.

Accommodation/ Staying Options: It isn’t beneficial to live in this jungle because of the presence of wild animals.

Restaurants Nearby/ Eating Stuff: There aren’t any food options nearby this waterfall. Carry enough food and water with you while going to this spot. Otherwise, you may make arrangements inside the village. Just inform them to make your food whilst going to the waterfall and have it when you came returned to the village.

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