Explore Tamhini Ghat

Explore Tamhini Ghat – Hidden Waterfalls

Hello Punekars, have you heard of the Tamhini Ghat road, a road often traveled yet unexplored? Monsoon went for a break from last 10-15 days here in Pune, but thankfully it is back!! Owing to the heavy rains, it’s the perfect time to explore the Tamhini Ghat region, a region surrounded by Mulshi Lake, countless waterfalls and dense forest cover. Driving in Tamhini ghat throughout monsoon or in iciness is a continually fresh force. This is certainly one of my favored ghat sections close to Pune. Here are a few facts in place of travel weblog approximately Monsoon.

Explore Tamhini Ghat

Most of the Punekars would have either specifically planned their weekend to Tamhini Ghat or must have passed through it on their journey to Devkund waterfall/ Andharban Jungle trek/ Raigad/ Kolad/ Konkan region. Explore Tamhini Ghat segment is mountain avenue between Mulshi and Sanaswadi village connecting Pune town and Mangaon town from Konkan. This ghat stretches almost 15 km. During the rainy seasons, the place transforms right into an inexperienced bed with plenty of waterfalls and small streams.

Explore Tamhini Ghat - Mulshi

Ride to Tamhini Ghat

Tamhini ghat offers the best picnic spot for lots of tourists arriving here from Pune and its adjoining areas. The clouds move down from their lofty homes for an engagement with those mountains. There become lovely greenery everywhere and a lot of plants along the street aspect making this journey more charming.

Explore Tamhini Ghat

There are many waterfalls that are important enchantment for Monsoon. The first principal waterfall is after crossing Mulshi village close to Atlanta Health Care center. You want a parked car and small nature path will take you to famous Mulshi fall. There are two trails to attain 2 different waterfalls. One on left facet is easily available to tourist whereas there is every other path which required the small hike. Both waterfalls are beautiful and I decide on 2d one.

After 15 km force, you could attain in Tamhini Ghat. Tamhini Ghat gives you beautiful waterfalls, valley view, and Green Mountain.

Tamhini Ghat Tamhini Ghat Tamhini Ghat

How to reach Tamhini Ghat road

The place can only be explored if you have your own private vehicle!! If you are coming from Pune, take the Mulshi Road which starts after the Pirangut Village. After riding for around 20 km, you will reach the beautiful Mulshi Lake. From here, the Tamhini Ghat road begins which stretches up to the Orchard Café in Sanaswadi. From the Café, you can begin with the return journey.

To reach to Tamhini Ghat from Pune is Pune -> Chadani Chowk -> Pirangut -> Paud village -> Mulashi village -> Tamhini village -> Tamhini Ghat.

How to reach tamhini ghat from pune

If you are coming from Mumbai, take the Rasayani – Imagica Theme Park – Pali –Vile route. You can ride all the way up to Mulshi and plan a return journey from there. To reach to Tamhini Ghat from Mumbai is Mumbai -> Rasayani ->Imagica Theme Park –>Pali –>Vile-> Mulashi village -> Tamhini village -> Tamhini Ghat.

How to reach tamhini ghat from pune

Best time to visit Tamhini Ghat

Obviously, the monsoon months of July to September are the best time to Explore Tamhini Ghat. However, the region remains lush green almost for the entire year and is worth a visit at any time of the year.

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