Lavasa: Things to do in Lavasa city

Lavasa: Heart of Pune

Lavasa: Things to do in Lavasa city

General Information

Location: District Pune, Maharashtra

Altitude: 640.00 Meters

Area: 39 sq.Mi

Temperature: (Summer 36°C) & (Winter 6 °C)

Languages Spoken: Marathi, English & Hindi

Lavasa is one of the most unique hilltop towns in Maharashtra India surrounded via mountains having scenic lake, waterfalls and a tremendous landscape. It is a private town evolved and maintained by way of Hindustan Construction Company. The most appealing part of this metropolis is the Promenade which has a very picturesque backdrop of pastel-colored homes. These buildings have residential residences as well as resort motels. There are many enjoyable activities in Lavasa which includes journey water sports activities, cycling or take a walk at the promenade playing the fascinating environment.

While you’re to your manner to Lavasa, you will locate many places where you may get down of your vehicle or motorcycles, do little appropriate pictures with the hills beautifully blanketed with lots of greenery and waterfalls. The monsoon season gives in reality pleased and pleasant vibes to this town.

Best Time to Visit Lavasa City:

Lavasa: Things to do in Lavasa city

The most endorsed time to visit Lavasa is for the duration of monsoons that occur from June till August. This hill metropolis is fantastically blanketed with clouds and greenery supplying you with a completely blissful feeling. You will supply water sports activities a pass over all through this season because of the rainfalls.

You also can go to Lavasa during winters that are an excellent season similar to for touring any hill station as you can revel in the water sports activities in addition to the very high-quality environment this town has to offer.

Where to Stay in Lavasa City:

Lavasa: Things to do in Lavasa city

Anywhere you propose to live in Lavasa will offer you remarkable and breathe taking views from across the metropolis. The city is beautifully surrounded by way of the Dasve lake and hills. Just consider waking up to such perspectives on a few days of excursion. I genuinely want I ought to have stayed there for longer.

Alternatively, you may also plan an afternoon experience to Lavasa from Pune or Mumbai and tour back to the cities by the evening.

Things to do in Lavasa City:

Stroll throughout the Promenade:

Lavasa: Things to do in Lavasa city

The Promenade located simply beside the Dasve lake is the highlight of Lavasa. The promo begins with a completely lovable bridge build over a waterfall leading you to the super backdrop of the residential apartments, resorts, Dasve lake and hills. While you’re taking walks thru the Promenade, you may have snacks, tea and take a seat on the benches to loosen up and experience the view.


Lavasa: Things to do in Lavasa city

If you revel in cycling, then I might propose you to lease bicycle from there and take a tour across the hills. The bicycles are to be had on the condo prices beginning from INR 100. Cycling is the maximum exciting way to explore the beauty of Lavasa. Alternatively, you can also lease a Segway which can be to be had at condominium quotes beginning from INR 400.

Water Sports:

Lavasa: Things to do in Lavasa city

If you are looking for some journey while taking part in the exceptional perspectives, then you may pass for water game activities along with jet skiing, kayaking, zip lining, and boating. These activities aren’t accessible at some stage in monsoons due to the heavy rains. The timing for the water sports is from 10 AM to 5 PM.

Xthrill Adventure Academy:

Xthrill Adventure Academy gives luxurious camping in air-conditioned tents. You can also choose sports together with mountaineering, rappelling, valley crossing, jungle treks and much greater.

Enjoy the Food:

Lavasa: Things to do in Lavasa city

Lavasa has few restaurants presenting numerous cuisines together with Indian, Italian, Chinese and Mexican at the Portofino Street that’s the waterfront from Dasve lake. You can attempt out joints along with Food Stop, Happy Sandwich, Chor Bizzare, Tabakh (Lebanese Restaurant), etc. We would recommend you to strive the delicious pizza and paneer wraps from Happy Sandwich. You also can strive out vada pav and slicing chai at this type of eating places while taking a walk on the prom.

So, if you are searching out some journey that takes you to a nature-led enjoy, plan an afternoon journey or a weekend stay at this stunning hill town named Lavasa.

How to Reach Lavasa City:

Lavasa: Things to do in Lavasa city

We traveled to Lavasa from Pune city in Maharashtra from in which it’s far placed at a distance of 65 kms. We commenced our experience through the bike and it took us about 2 hours to reach Lavasa. Since it’s a hilltop destination, the street toward Lavasa is curvy, so I would recommend you to devour mild and convey some drug treatments to avoid any motion sickness. The roads are surrounded via very enchanting views of mountains and mini waterfalls making the journey more memorable and profitable.

The routes to reach Lavasa from Pune:- Pune – Chandani Chowk – Paud Road Toll – Pirangut – Take a left at Ghotawade Phata – Temghar Lavasa Road – Temghar Dam – Lavasa Ghat road – Lavasa entrance Gate – Lavasa town.

There is any other way to keep away from Pirangut village is take a left flip just before descending Pirangut ghat. As we haven’t attempted that route so I can’t comment something about it.

Lavasa can also be reached from Mumbai from in which it’s miles positioned at a distance of a hundred ninety kms.

Once you attain at the access gate to Lavasa, there’s a parking fee that’s Rs. 200 for 2-wheeler cars and Rs. 500 for 4-wheeled vehicles.

Getting There:

Nearest Airports: Pune is the closest airport 49km from Lavasa.

Main Railway Station: Pune railway station 37km from Lavasa.

Main Bus Station or Road: The Watunde Bus Stand of Lavasa has placed at a distance of around 20 km from the metropolis center and can be reached by way of taking a bus or a vehicle-rickshaw.

The distance of some Major Towns from Lavasa :

Pune – 65km, Mumbai- 186km.

Places of Tourist Interest:

Varasgaon Dam:

Lavasa: Things to do in Lavasa city

It is the leader enchantment inside the area which is situated at the banks of the Mose River. The Mose River is the main supply of water to the whole metropolis of Pune. This river is likewise appropriate for various water sports. The Varasgaon Dam is also referred to as the Veer Pasalkar Dam. The dam is a famous picnic spot alongside the close by Panshet Dam.

Best Spots near by pune – Check for latest places.

Getting across the Destination:

Bus, Rickshaw, and Taxi facilities are supplied to get across the destination in Lavasa. One can take their private automobile to head around.


Christmas, and New Year Celebrations take place. Diwali Mela is held. But the maximum important characteristic is the Car Rally Held in February.

Near Places to visit Mahabalehswar, Devkund Waterfalls.

Trip to Lavasa City

After our trip to Harishchandragad Fort, this time we determined to go to Lavasa for a full day force. This becomes our 2nd visit to Lavasa and 1st became on our friends birthday party. Monsoon is the fine time to visit Lavasa city (India’s first deliberate hill station) which gives you a pleasing climate that lets in the exploration of nature and waterfalls mounted in the place.

Journey to Lavasa City

We began our journey via 09:00 AM in the morning on the bike. We have observed that rush begins in Lavasa after 2 PM with the intention to experience nature journey, we left domestic apiece early. Our entire power turned into memorable. Showers of rain welcomed us whilst we reached near Temghar Dam and then faced continuous heavy however excellent rain. Hills, which have been absolutely blanketed by using clouds, become giving us an amazing view. We took numerous pit stops for photography. The street takes you towards Temghar Dam after descending the Mutha Ghat. It is one of the famous spots to take a bit wreck and revel in the view of the Temghar Dam wall and then the actual Temghar Dam after using few kms.

After passing Temghar Dam, very curvy road welcomed us. By this time, we have been too hungry and we had a tasty Vada-Pav and SweetCorn (Bhutta). A complete cloudy climate with heavy rain, cool breeze, Temghar backwater view & a cup of tea & warm served Vada-Pav (well-known snack which absolutely everyone loves to devour with tea) along with your friends is only a memorable enjoy. There are too many corn stalls from Temghar Dam region until Lavasa entrance gate. The same road takes you in the direction of Lavasa Main Gate and beyond. This complete road is a laugh to trip. I changed into now not capable of touch 60-70 velocity due to every day turns and rain. The sharp turns inside the Ghats were fun. But the experience coupled with the scenic splendor was outstanding. Greenfields on aspects at the side of waterfalls, then the Temghar backwaters and then the Dasave Lake at Lavasa. We did our bit of images on this road bcos of heavy rainfall. If your found of waterfalls and hills, one can go to city of toy train- Matheran

There changed into right security at Lavasa front gate and the safety personnel noting the car numbers and a reason for the visit. After crossing the primary gate, we should see Dasave village i.e. Lavasa Phase 1. It is about 7 – 8km from this factor. There were few roadside small gardens and they furnished parking area & from this factor, you could have a birds-eye view of Lavasa.

Lake/Dam backwater is at center and Lavasa is surrounding it with the huge avenue. Along the street are the Residential Villas, Convention Center, Hotels, Water Sports Center and Lavasa Information Center and so forth. There are ample signal-boards to guide you to the places in Lavasa. To have a walk on strolling plaza gives you experience like you are in the European USA. There are plenty of eating places to be had to consist of The All American Diner, Zodiac eating place (4-celebrity), 24 hrs. Coffee shop, Granma’s Homemade Patisserie, Tabakh (Lebanese), Oriental Octopus (South East Asian), Past Times English pub, Chor Bizarre (North Indian delicacies), Sub-way, Pizzawala, Brewberry’s – Coffee bar and speedy food outlet, Natural Ice cream and many others. We had our Lunch at Potato twist, Sub-Way & then pastries at Granma’s Homemade Patisserie.

There are some watersports activities in Dasave dam from 10 am to 5 pm (Depending upon weather situation in monsoon max time in monsoon its closed because of heavy rains). It is little high priced, but they’ve all system’s in a precise condition like Jet Ski scooters, paddle boats, Kayak, inflatables, Bumper boats (dashing boats in a confined area), cruise and so on. Fee variety from INR a 100/- to 500/-. We have been a bit unfortunate because it was raining heavily. You also can have the ride of Lavasa in a minibus with a huge window or in a toy teach (wheel vehicle converted in toy educate) which runs on the street. After Hanging for some time round Lavasa, all of us went for a trip far away from Dasave village. This direction changed into parallel with the backwater of Dasave dam.

Exploring places in pune for adventure – Many Places can be seen in pune

By 5 we decided to transport again home. Again with a few pit stops for nature pictures we reached domestic by 07.00 pm competently. All in all, it was a fantastic long journey experience that all of us buddies desired in Monsoon.

Bike Petrol: INR 500-600/ depends on bike – (approx. 7 lit: INR 75/lit)

A toll on Paud-Pirangut Road: INR 30/ for car – (Return toll) and for bike its free.

Corn: INR 20/- according to piece

Vada-Pav: INR 10-15/- consistent with the piece

Potato twist: INR 90/- in step with a piece

Sub-Way: Rates almost equal as other subway branches

Pastries at Granma’s Homemade Patisserie: Range INR 65/- to INR a 135/- as in step with flavor.

Thanks For Reading. Keep Travelling

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