Pleasure Adventure Sports Around Pune

Pleasure Adventure Sports Around Pune – Nearby Pune – Mumbai

Pleasure Adventure Sports Around Pune

Pune is one of the most taking place cosmopolitan towns of India, bustling with young crowd searching out journey. Besides plenty of sightseeing options, Pune offers a range of journey sports.

Whether it’s bungee leaping, paragliding, or rappelling, there’s an array of adventure sports in Pune and nearby regions. If you don’t have a plan for the approaching weekend, right here are some interesting activities you can strive.

Adventure Sports In Pune: Within the city

Let’s begin with a few amusing sports which can be perfect for an afternoon of a journey within the metropolis premises. For most of those adventure sports activities in Pune, you need to tour for an hour on the max.

1. Artificial Wall Climbing

Artificial Wall Climbing

Artificial wall mountain climbing won’t come near the real journey, however, it does give you a hurry. There are numerous mountaineering education centers in Pune that ensure ok education for beginner climbers. If you aren’t capable of chalk out an outstation trip, this is a great way to sweat it out. Also, it is a good pastime for team outings and a gang of adventurous pals.

Adventure level: High

Best time to try: Anytime

Where to try: Raje Shivaji Artificial Climbing Wall at Shivajinagar

Cost: Depends at the direction

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2. Paint Ball

Paint Ball

Paintball is one of the maximum popular journey sports in Pune. Run, cover, duck, and dive as you wipe out the opposite crew. Perfect for a corporate trip and a big group of buddies, Pune’s Paint Ball region is located in the heart of the city.

Adventure level: Medium

Best time to attempt: Anytime

Where to try: Mariplex Mall’s P.A.I.N.T Paintball region at Kalyani Nagar

Cost: INR 1500 per man or woman

Adventure Sports Near Pune: 1 hour from the town

Yes, there are alternatives for adventure sports activities in the city. But the towns around Pune have some of the pleasant adventure sports. A force of an hour or so and you will be in the lap of adventure locations around Pune.

3. Paragliding


Soar above the mountains and enjoy the honestly glad views, as you glide within the air like a chicken. There aren’t any conditions for this adventure sport. Simply join the route and you are set for the adventure. With panoramic views of lush green hills to absorb and the sheer thrill of flying, paragliding is one of the satisfactory journey sports activities close to Pune.

Adventure stage: High

Best time to try: October – June

Where to try: Indus Paragliding, Kamshet

Distance from Pune: 45 km

Cost: INR 2,500 – INR three,500 consistent with the character for Tandem paragliding, route charges extra

4. Rappelling


The waterfall at Madhe Ghat is one of the most lovely spots near Pune. Surrounded through the Western Ghats, it’s also a great pick for indulging in an adventure. Here, you could strive to rappel at 120 toes near the gushing waterfall. Tied to a harness, you go down the slope at the same time as the falling water drenches you completely and provides to the problem level. Without the doubt, rappelling at Madhe Ghat falls is genuinely interesting enjoy and certainly one of the best adventure sports activities in Pune and its vicinity.

Adventure stage: High

Best time to try: June – October

Where to try: Waterfall Rappelling at Madhe Ghat

Distance from Pune: 64 km

Cost: INR 800 in line with the character

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5. Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping, one of the most exciting adventure sports within the international, lures children like nothing else. But sadly, there aren’t any places in Mumbai or Pune to attempt it. However, half-way among the 2 lies Lonavala where adventure junkies flock to do bungee. Offering myriad alternatives for adventure sports close to Pune, Della Adventures is also one in all the biggest adventure clubs in Pune & its region.

Adventure degree: High

Best time to attempt: October – June

Where to try: Della Adventures, placed in Kunegaon, Lonavala

Distance from Pune: 65 km

Cost: INR 1500 according to individual

Bungee Jump Height: 45 m

6. ATV Rides

ATV Rides

Get equipped to experience the joys and exhilaration of riding a quad-motorcycle (or an All Terrain Vehicle) as you are taking on the dust-tracks at Della Adventures Club. If you are a mud-loving and journey seeking the person, then ATV Riding is for you. And unlike dust-cycling, it is absolutely safe. And what’s more, you don’t even need a valid user license!

Adventure stage: Medium

Best time to try: September – March

Where to try: Della Adventures, Lonavala

Distance from Pune: 65 km

Minimum Age: 12 years

Cost: Geared/Automatic ATV experience 90 ccs (Polaris): INR 500

Automatic ATV 200 cc Polaris: INR 750

Geared ATV 700 cc Ride (Yamaha Raptor): INR 1,250

Adventure Trip Near Pune: three hours from the city

Well, as they are saying, nothing comes without a bit of attempt. If what we’ve given above excites you, there’s more to attempt. But for that, precise places are about three hours away from the city. If that isn’t trouble, here’s what all you may strive.

7. White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting

Of all the water sports, there’s nothing as adventurous as rafting through the speedy rivers. In fact, white water rafting is the nice a few of the water adventure sports near Pune. The best trouble is that it’s miles barely a ways off. You will need to set aside an entire day to experience river rafting within the suitable rivers with rapids near Pune.

Adventure level: High

Best time to strive: June – September

Where to try: Kundalika River at Kolad

Distance from Pune: 113 km


Weekends & Holidays: INR 1245 per person

Weekdays: INR 775 consistent with man or woman

8. Kayaking


If whitewater rafting appears a bit risky, kayaking could be a variety of a laugh for you. And what is more, you get to row the boat all with the aid of yourself, or with a maximum of 1 other person. It is for the equal reason that this is one of the sought-after sports activities via the couples. Kundalika River at Kolad, surrounded through the scenic forests, gives the pleasant option for kayaking close to Pune. Row through the calm stretch of Kundalika River as you revel in the luxurious greenery.

Adventure degree: Medium

Best time to try: June – Feb

Where to try: Kundalika River at Kolad

Distance from Pune: 113 km

Cost: INR 450 consistent with the person

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