Sarasgad Fort is an Amazing Trek

Sarasgad Fort

Sarasgad Fort is an Amazing Trek

Sarasgad Fort is an Amazing Trek – Sarasgad fort is positioned in a village close to Pali. Pali that’s greater popularly recognized for the one of the 8 Ashtavinayak Ganpati, Shri Ballaleshwar Ashtavinayak.

  • Type: Sarasgad is hill fort.
  • Difficulty stage:Sarasgad is medium to trek.
  • Height: Sarasgad is1600ft (487 meters) above sea degree.
  • Base village / District / Taluka:Pali / Raigad / Sudhagad, Maharashtra,India.
  • Nearest Railway station: Nagothane
  • Trekking Partner: Me, Lalit, Anurag, Sukhchain.

History of Sarasgad Fort

Sarasgad Fort is an Amazing Trek

Sarasgad fort is situated in the Sarasgad village close to Pali. Sarasgad fort looks as if Sudhagad fort. The fort of Sarasgad may be known via its 4 pinnacles and changed into used as an eye tower to test the surrounding area.

The fort of Sudhagad is not in a very good situation but there are huge rock steps to observe. On the pinnacle of the fort, there may be a Shiva temple which affords a top-notch panoramic view of the mountain degrees surrounded all over.

From Sarasgad, Sudhagad and Tailbaila can be seen. There are sure caves on the fort used for the infantrymen and other matters because there has been little or no space at the fort. There are water tanks carved in the rocks which offer cold water in the course of the 12 months.

There is a ‘Dindi Darwaja’ which can be visible on the fort. Shivaji Maharaj gave around 2000 hones (coins) for reconstructing the fort.

Time to reach the top

It will take around 1hrs, from a base village of the Sarasgad fort. (Pail)

Minimum Duration

1 day tekking duration..

Best Time to Visit Fort

Any time you may go to Sarasgad, but care needs to be taken in the rainy season. Best time to visit could be from November to June.

Water Availability

Yes, water is to be had on Sarasgad fort, there are numerous water cisterns on the fort.

Accommodation Availability

Yes, lodging is available on Sarasgad fort in soils which could accommodate 7-eight peoples, but very choose this.

Places near Sarasgad Fort

Ballareshwar Temple

Sarasgad Fort is an Amazing Trek

Ballareshwar temple is one of the Ashtavinayak temple situated near Pail in Raigad district of Maharashtra. Ballareshwar temple is situated among Sarasgad fort and Amba River.

The temple changed into firstly of timber which became reconstructed in 1760 to make the manner for a new temple designed via Shri Fadnis.

The temple becomes constructed by way of blending lead and cement and it became constructed inside the form of Shri. Facing to the east facet the temple became built so that when the sun rises the rays will fall immediately at the Murti at some stage in the worship.

How to Reach to Sarasgad Fort

Sarasgad Fort is an Amazing Trek – The way from Pune to Sarasgad Fort

Pune to Sarasgad By Bus

From the Pune there are ST (State Transport) buses or neighborhood transports are to be had to base village of the fort (Pali), Distance between Pune to Pali is 111 kilometers, then you could visit fort through ‘Dindi Darwaja’.

This manner is only one manner to attain pinnacle of the fort, then go to left from bottom of the temple, this manner heads directly to the bastion of the fort, the bottom of the bastion there may be room, this room was used for house of the guards, then move at important entrance of the fort.

Pune to Sarasgad By Train

There are not any trains to be had.

Pune to Sarasgad By Road

Shivajinagar – Chinchwad – Dehu Road – Lonavala – Khopoli – Pali – Sarasgad.

Sarasgad Fort is an Amazing Trek – The way from Mumbai to Sarasgad Fort

Mumbai to Sarasgad By Bus

From the Mumbai there are ST (State Transport) buses or local transports are available to base village of the fort (Pali), Distance among Pune to Pali is 98 kilometers. Then you could visit fort through ‘Dindi Darwaja’.

This way is the most effective one manner to reach pinnacle of the fort, then go to left from backside of the temple, this way heads immediately to the bastion of the fort, the bottom of the bastion there is room, this room turned into used for house of the guards, then move at foremost entrance of the fort.

Mumbai to Sarasgad By Train

There are not any trains available.

Mumbai to Sarasgad By Road Route

Mumbai – Khopoli – Pali – Sarasgad fort.

Trek to Sarasgad fort

Sarasgad Fort is an Amazing Trek

Sarasgad Fort is an Amazing Trek – Pali is a small village in Raigad district of Maharashtra. This region is just 30-35km away from Khopoli that’s located on Pune-Mumbai toll road. Pali is famous because of Lord Ganesh temple from Ashtavinayaka. It is also called Ballaleshwar Temple.

Sarasgad Fort is located at the back of the Pali village. It is the image of Sudhagad fort. This fort turned into especially used to hold an eye fixed on the surrounding vicinity. Not a whole lot is thought approximately the records of this fort. Main enchantment for trekkers on Sarasgad is big size rock steps at the cease and narrow direction to its Bale Killa.

We awakened early morning with the aid of 5.30 AM and left Pune by way of 7.30 AM. We favored Pune-Mumbai toll road due to fewer visitors however we got here lower back to Pune thru throughway. Drive was incredible with heavy rain and bloodless morning breeze. When we crossed Khopoli region, Sun changed into busy in cover and seeks game with rainy clouds. Light rain showers made us feel clean. The environment stored changing its mood often, once in a while raining and occasionally winds playing with us and every so often unexpected focus from solar sparkling up on the moist green plants.

Sarasgad Fort is an Amazing Trek

We reached at Pali by way of 9.Forty five AM. We had some breakfast after which our trek started out. This is not a famous trek, for this reason, it isn’t crowded even on weekends. There are a series of interconnected hills of various heights which regularly result in the best hill web hosting the fort. The first patch was pretty smooth but with unexpected height benefit. We one way or the other climbed cautiously. Due to rain, the path becomes very muddy and slippery. After mountain climbing the primary component we took a small wreck to rejuvenate ourselves.

2nd and 3rd part of the hill turned into smooth to climb. Fortis hosted at the 0.33 hill. In reality, it’s miles one mountain however nonetheless I name them as a collection of hills due to the fact there are small flat walk patches among the two climbs. During our climb, one villager instructed us to take the right care as stone steps had ended up slippery. Safety is the maximum crucial part all through trek so we decided that if everybody folks feel the trek direction is not safe, we will turn returned.

After mountaineering the hill, we reached the base of the fort. The remaining a part of a trek uphill changed into certainly pretty interesting. There are few steps cut in the rock patch. Those are extra like small footholds than steps. After climbing the small rock patch with the assist of rock footholds, you could see a small cave at the left. From this factor, the final steep ascent to the pinnacle starts. Climbing the steep steps could make you a little worn-out. Each step is much larger than an everyday step. Most of the stairs are approximately knee high. Take right care at some point of the wet season as rainwater normally flows from those steps.

Sarasgad Fort is an Amazing Trek

On the top is the Shiva temple providing an excellent panoramic view.

At the cease of steps, we noticed a very stunning predominant entrance of the fort called Dindi Darwaja. On Dindi front, you may see Kalash image carved in the stone wall. After crossing Dindi front, there are ruined room structures known as Devdya in Marathi. Few steps from Dindi entrance will take you to the fort. There are 2 ways to attain at the bottom of Bale Killa. Take proper direction that’s a nicely defined route. You can see the Fort wall from this side. Left facet route after steps is a shortcut with sudden height gain.

We saw a water trench at the base of Bale Killa known as Moti water tank. From this factor, again you have alternatives to reach on the top of the fort. Left facet route (Considering you’re facing the fort) is slim, shortest and adventurous course, however, there may be no fortification to see whilst hiking. Right facet course may be a very smooth one and you can see many ruined fortifications. We determined to climb through left side route which changed into a chunk hard while descent we preferred the simpler path to see ruined fortifications.

We loved the adventurous direction and it became rather slippery. Helping each other, we reached the pinnacle. It changed into real amusing to climb via this direction with every different’s assist. My advice for others may be – climb from this side in the Monsoon handiest in case you are skilled or if you have a skilled trekker with you. This direction is quite smooth all through different seasons. On top of the Sarasgad fort, there is Kedareshwar temple and a lake close by. There are two bastions to hold the watch in surrounding areas. If climate is clear then you can spot Sudhagad, Tailbaila, Dhangad, and Korigad. View of Pali village, Amba River and surrounding vicinity is breathtaking. We took a break for 15 mins, had our packed snacks and started our descent.

Sarasgad Fort is an Amazing Trek

We came down through the less complicated path. We saw fortifications which include shield rooms, water trench, grain garage room, ammunition garage room, Jail, and some caves. Even though it’s far in ruined circumstance it’s for a treat for trekkers. When we reached the base of the fort, heavy wind pressured us to watch for a few minutes. After the short wreck, we came down at Dindi Darwaja.

Apart from us, there has been a collection of 12-15 trekkers from Sawantwadi at the fort. As girls from that organization had been new to hiking, they took extra time to descent from rock steps observed by using the rock patch. Ours descend turned into brief as soon as the path turned into clear for us. We took a few pix after which we blanketed the last distance with lighting fixtures speed. We reached Pali village at 1 PM. After we reached our parked vehicle at the base, we had snacks after which we left this stunning vicinity.

Due to important traffic, we were caught in site visitors for an hour. Luckily Mumbai to Pune course became much less impacted for this reason we reached home safely by means of 5.30 PM.

Things to Carry for Sarasgad Fort is an Amazing Trek

  • A haversack to maintain palms free
  • Water bottle 3lts
  • Extra Pair of Clothes
  • Ready to consume meals, like plum desserts, chocolate bar, a few snacks & biscuits, and many others.
  • Electoral or Energy Powder or Glucon D powder
  • Sleeping bag, carry matt
  • Personal drug treatments
  • Sweaters if required
  • Please do no longer carry handbags or goals for this trek.
  • Wear properly hiking footwear
  • Torch with extra batteries, headlamp. (If planning to stay at the base of sarasgad fort).

Thanks For Reading. Keep Travelling.

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